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Kandyse McClure - From the set of Children of the Corn: What Happens in the Cornfield Stays in the Cornfield..
From the set of Children of the Corn: What Happens in the Cornfield Stays in the Cornfield.. 

No truer words have ever been spoken, especially when you’re doing a Stephen King remake in the middle of (choice expletive) Iowa. Actually let me just say - Iowa is wonderful in it’s own special way – the people are friendly and unpretentious, stuff is cheap, there are lots of sporting goods stores and Texas Roadhouse makes one of the most amazing rib-eye’s I’ve ever had. Or maybe that was the Jack Daniel’s talking.

Episode 1: Settling In

I arrived under the cover of night grateful that my flight had not been bumped to the next morning, and was driven from the state I flew into to the next state over – this is the nature of the Quad cities area – sometimes you’re not sure if you’re in Illinois or Iowa, or Missouri (or Missora as any one actually from there will say). It makes finding directions on Map quest interesting. Anyway, after a quick stop at the Hy-Vee for a few supplies (water, yogurt, miso soup) we arrive at The Lodge -one of Bettendorf’s oldest establishments and certainly the nicest place in town.

Intricately carved dark wood everything, wrought iron chandeliers, stained glass windows and a fireplace that looked like a guy with a pelt and a pewter mug full of mead should be standing in front of it boasting about the day’s kill. The receptionist tells me that they specialize in weddings and honeymoons - go figure. .. Brocade padded walls and potrait’s of what I presumed to be European aristocracy adorned the walls - each suite had a portrait of it’s very own, some of them downright creepy and all of them doing the whole eyes that follow you around the room thing. . . perfect for a Stephen King film. . . Mine wasn’t so bad; she was just sort of disapproving and looked a bit undernourished really. And let’s not forget all the stuffed dead animals in the dining room – taxidermy predators and prey alike that in all honesty had a touch of the mange. And in the dining room – nothing like looking at what your dinner used to be while eating it. Odd I thought, and completely appropriate.

My room was large, comfortable and had a window that opened and a fridge and microwave. These are all princess requirements especially since this would be my home for the next month. I did uncover a few surprises behind the bed though – a strange old milk smell on one side, a bottle of orange creamsicle flavored edible massage oil, a crusty, fuzzy, petrified bit of brown I-don’t-know-what and something that was perhaps once a foam or a gel stuck to the ceiling . The next day, per-diem in hand and in my little Kia rental car I headed for Super Target – A couple of hours and a couple hundred dollars later – new mattress pad, sheets pillows and comforter – the ones the hotel had got stuffed into the TV cabinet never to be seen again. Biodegradable cleaning supplies, a mug, plate, bowl, set of cutlery, a personal sized blender for morning smoothies and a few soy scented candles and the transformation was complete. God Bless Big Box. This from someone who knows what the inside of Holts looks like - before and after the renovation. But, as they say, when in Rome. . .

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Mini Blog Message from Kandyse in Australia 
A super big and wicked thanks to everyone at the Supanova convention (Sydney and Perth) for such a great time - Missy and Felicity (I love you guys), Dion and Bruce especially - for taking care of me when I was sick and talking to me when I got stuck in the elevator! And for going out of their was to make sure I had a wrap party complete with awesome cake and messages from home! You guys rock my world!!!

What an honor and a pleasure it was to be in the company of such stars of Sci-Fi as Nichelle Nichols and Jewel Staite and to have met those crazy funny Adventure in Anime guys, Quinton and Jeff. We had a blast. And of course a really special thank you to all the fans who came out and made me feel so welcome! I hope to have the chance to see you all again - maybe in Melbourne and Brisbane for the next Supanova - nudge nudge, wink wink

I loved Australia so much I decided to stay and do a little exploring. Time to turn off the computer and get in touch with the outback. . . Will be back online mid July with tons of pics and plenty to dish about ;-)

Lots of Love,

ps Also a big thanks to Perth's own Ben Templesmith for the very cool Zombie pic of me - look out for it on the website folks!

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My Yoga Journey 
To make up for the fact that I haven't blogged for sooo long, I thought I should share some more news with you all. There has been a lot going on in my little world of late! So here is another update..

As most have heard, there is a writer's strike at the moment so shooting on all American production has come to a halt, temporarily. For you BSG fans, the last episode we shot before the strike was really amazing. I can't wait for it to air and, of course, we look forward to getting back to work as soon as possible. Though I am still in contact with everyone, I really miss being on set - what does an actor eat without catering and crafty!

What with the strike and the festive season, I have had a good deal of time off and took the opportunity to fulfil a dream I've had for the last few years - To become a yoga teacher.

I grew up watching my granny doing yoga in the living room every morning at 5am. She still does. My mom was/is quite fit (and very youthful) though she is more Jane Fonda than yoga! Myself, I have been practising for about five or six years now and thought that training to become a teacher would be an excellent way to deepen my practice.

So, with a bit of time on my hands, I signed up at Prana Yoga Teacher's College The course was intense and challenging but ultimately one of the most empowering and, at the risk of sounding like a cliche, life-changing experiences.

Not only am I an internationally certified but I got to explore new perspectives on living, engage in some truly mind opening discussions, hear great stories and meet an exceptional group of beautiful people from all over the world.

Many thanks to Shakti and Daniel, for their mentorship and care. Their passion for yoga, their students and life was evident in every aspect of the journey.

Between yoga and my Burning Man experiencs last summer, it has been a time of great transformation and growth for me.

Yes, yes, more on Burning Man later!

On that note... Wishing you all good health, abundance and JOY in the New Year.

All my love

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Happy New Year! 
A belated Happy New Year to all you people who have supported Battlestar Galactica and my work over the years.

The forum members heard it first and now I am sharing my latest news with you all.

Kandyse is becoming a voice over star..

First came an opportunity to be the sexy voice for a promo video for Vancouver based Infinity Film's youth/art outreach program - Cinema 319. Thank you, Jared Valentine, for thinking of me!

Next, I got to play a young women named Catherine. This time in an animated feature film called 'Barbie's Christmas Carol'. Look out for it over Christmas 2008. A bit of a wait, I know. Sorry.

I love doing voice work. It is a lot like theatre. Working with the folks at Mattel was an amazing first time experience. Looking forward to working more in this field in the future.

I am also hoping to get back to the stage later this year - putting up a series of one acts together with some friends here in Vancouver. So get out there and support local theatre and performance in any way you can, wherever you are.

Thanks for all your kind messages and blog comments.

All the best for 2008


ps The picture is of my very first headshot - oh how time flies..

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My New Bike 
My first bike (besides Big Rev that I sit so seriously on in the picture) was a pink BMX with black tires. I loved that bike. My best friend, Maree, and I would race the neighbourhood boys down Allenby hill, or each other down my grandmothers driveway. Or see who could ride the longest without getting dizzy, tracing circles in the brickwork of her front yard. I recall many a scraped knee and gravel butt from our biking escapades but mostly the sense of freedom and possibility that having wheels when you're young brings. I also remember how sad I was when witnessing the fall that would render my beautiful bike out of service. Lesson #1: People don't look after your stuff the way you do.

I did not have a bike again until we moved to Canada (from Durban, South Africa). This next bike was a hand me down from my mum - white with pink and blue decals, this thing weighed about as much as I did at the time. My mum thought it was fun to ride from East Van to Stanley Park and back again on Saturdays. Back then I thought it was torture. In typical teenage fashion I complained the entire trip and made us stop often to rest. But I do remember how stunning the rides were, how it built my confidence to ride in traffic and how much I looked forward to going by the blackberry bushes along the way and stopping for a few tasty treats. That bike later became my best pal. I started highschool and rode her everyday come rain, sleet or snow. I loved the communal house we lived in at the time but those rides were my time alone to think and dream. That and well, I could spend my saved up busfare on 5c candy from 7/11 and records at garage sales. We were big on garage sales back then. Perhaps that was where I learned my love of vintage.

Other than a brief attempt at reliving my childhood by purchasing another BMX - which spent more time hanging on my wall as art than being used as transportation - it's been a few years since I owned a bike. A lot of my friends ride - for leisure, out of necessity and for hours training for crazy tours - and all have advised me as to which kind of bike to get. But I am not a hardcore mountain biker or a speed racer and definitely not a tricky BMXer (I need gears!) so what is a girl to do?

And then there she was. Crammed near the back of the rack, bright yellow tag blowing in the breeze, a ladies 3-speed Raleigh of Nottingham, her new Shwalbe, white wall tires gleaming in the sun. I love the idea of a vintage bike that has been given new life and the folks at Our Community Bikes do an awesome job - new tires, brakes, gears and chain so that she's safe and road ready but nothing to take away from her original charm. Since I am still without a vehicle these days (by choice of course) my bike has to be practical - so the basket up front, the rack in the back and a bell where necessary elements but also help restore her to her former glory. I can see it now - flowers, fruit and a baguette piled up in the basket and purchases from a day at the used bookstore secured to the rack.

It's going to be a fantastic summer!

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