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In 1999, Kandyse McClure was contemplating a career in medicine. She had finished high school and was working at two Vancouver restaurants, Earls and Nando's Chickenland, whilst deciding what direction her life would take.

Being an actor had never crossed her mind at that point. As a child in her hometown of Durban, South Africa, her playtime had always involved dancing, singing and dressing up in costumes, but all that was just for fun. So when her mother asked if she would be interested in auditioning for a Vancouver Fringe Festival play that an acquaintance was producing, that is exactly what she thought - it might be fun between serving up fast food.

The character, an 18-year-old South African girl in Athol Fugard’s Valley Song, was just who Kandyse was - so it seemed to her that very little acting was required! The production, involving only one other actor, was so popular it was sold out for every performance. Soon after she received a call from a local agent, Richard Lucas of the prestigious Lucas Talent agency. One of his long-time clients had seen the show and suggested he contact Kandyse, something that the client had never done in over 20 years of working with Lucas. Although he had his doubts at first, due to her then inexperience, Lucas followed through and Kandyse has been with his agency and had a great working relationship with him ever since.

The string of fortunate events continued to unfold. She booked her first audition alongside Lou Diamond Phillips in Prince of Mirrors, cast in a role originally slated for a guy. Not having been formally trained as an actor, she took this opportunity to learn all she could about the craft. A few months later, being cast in the role of Katherine Ann Cabot in the teen drama Higher Ground was such a great gig, that Kandyse put the idea of a medical career aside for the thrill of entertaining and becoming different characters to the best of her ability.

She has been cast as a blind woman, Annie Fisher, in Dark Angel, Malcolm Jamal Warner's girlfriend, Elizabeth, in Jeremiah and the role of Sue Snell in an NBC remake of Carrie. For these, and all the other roles she has played, Kandyse is always grateful for her good fortunes as a working actor. She is currently portraying Lt. Anastasia Dualla in Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica and feels honored that her work provides an opportunity to be a voice for strong, intelligent women in the world...and in the vast space beyond it.

When not on set, immersing herself in her character and enjoying every moment, Kandyse works at developing her other talents. She sings, dances, plays the guitar and is an avid reader. When she can, she travels back to South Africa, sits on her grandmother's porch and says a little prayer of gratitude for a life of such serendipity.